Sallys Boutique - False advertising

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I am finding more and more that Sally's Boutique (The Salvation Army) is printing out ebay auction of items and attaching it to the similar item they are selling.The trouble is often the item is not the same item at all.

I saw today they were offering a book as a 1st edition copyright date of 1948. When I looked inside the book and looked down past the copyrighted date, it was a reprint edition with a date of 1949. Whoever they have back behind the scenes spend8ing all the time looking these things up, and drawing a paycheck, is not cluey. ANOTHER thing that bothers me greatly about this is the ebay auction exemplar they print out is for an item offered FOR SALE and not a COMPLETED LISTING.

Some people offer items on eBay Buy it now at whatever price they desire to get, and this is not the actual value of the item. I find this a deceptive advertising practice on the part of the Salvation Army, and it should be stopped or monitored. They are deluding people into thinking that that is what the items is worth, when it is not. It is a matter of a "litte knowledge is a dangerous thing." All the time spent researching an item and printing out the ebay listing, only to price up the item higher is a *** waste.

Why not let people hae a deal, and make the same amount of money without all this internet hype.

ANOTHER THING too, one of the sales associates told me that the managers are allowed to take items home and "look them up on ebay" if they think something has slipped through from the central warehouse (or wherever it is they price these things).I got a feeling those items sometimes might never make their way back in.

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